NNAT Spatial Visualization Test Preparation and Tips – 2024

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What Are the NNAT Spatial Visualization Test Sections?

If your school-age child is entering the 2nd grade, this will be their first time being asked to complete a spatial visualization section on the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT). This section may be difficult for some students, but it is essential to do well on it if your child wishes to be enrolled in a gifted and talented program. In order to pass this part of the exam, your child will need to have the ability to manipulate shapes in their head.


How to Read NNAT Spatial Visualization Test Section Score Report?

  • Raw Score: The raw score on the score report will include a comparison between two numbers, which will look something like 39/48. This just means that of the 48 questions, your child was able to answer 39 of them properly.
  • Naglieri Ability Index (NAI): The raw score is then normalized, turning it into a NAI score with a highest possible result of 160. Children that are close in age (within 3 months) will have their scores compared, and will then be assigned a percentage, likely between 84 and 116.
  • Percentile Rank: This percentage is the final score listed on the NNAT score report. It is a ranking of every child’s performance related to the performance of students across the nation. Therefore, a child who received an 87% did better than or equal to 87% of other school-age children throughout the nation.


NNAT Spatial Visualization Tips

  • Learn about common spatial visualization manipulations. This could look like inward and outward shape flips, shifting shapes, changing colors, and shapes that are combined together. If your child believes they notice a pattern, have them point it out to you and explain their thought process.
  • Focus on a specific section rather than the entire piece. If you only look at each shape as a whole, it may be easy to miss the pattern. Instead, focus on a single part of the piece and identify how that specific piece is manipulated across the entire puzzle.


How to Prepare for the NNAT Spatial Visualization Test?

Some people consider spatial visualization to be the hardest section of the NNAT test. Children may struggle with the manipulation of shapes, and some may be tempted to guess the answers and move on. Don’t let your child become overwhelmed. Instead, train your child by using online practice exams and materials that teach children about figure manipulations. Make sure to include sample questions with detailed explanations. This will give your child the absolute best chances for achieving a high NNAT score and receiving admittance into a gifted and talented program.


NNAT Sample Questions

Based on your grade level select the relevant free practice materials: