Free Online NNAT Grade 2 Test Preparation: Practice NNAT Level C Sample Questions & Tips – 2024

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What Is the NNAT 2nd Grade Test?

NNAT stands for Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test and is an assessment used to test the ability and aptitude of 2nd graders. If you are hoping to enroll your child into a gifted and talented program, they will be expected to pass the NNAT 2nd Grade Test, which is also known as the NNAT Level C exam. You should be aware that this exam is unlike your normal type of test. That is because the NNAT exams are nonverbal, which means the test takers are not being quizzed on their English language skills. Instead, their ability to recognize and identify patterns will be measured.


What Are the NNAT 2nd Grade Test Sections?

The NNAT 2nd Grade Test will be the first time that your 2nd grader is exposed to four sections. The first three sections will be similar to the NNAT Kindergarten and 1st Grade Test, but will now include an additional section related to spatial visualization. The test will still include only 48 questions.

Pattern Completion

This section will include a picture of an incomplete geometric shape where one section of the shape has been removed. Your child will need to search through the provided answers and figure out which answer includes the section of the shape that is missing.

Reasoning by Analogy

A reasoning by analogy segment will include four boxes equally divided across two rows. Three out of the four boxes will have a picture of a shape that are related in some way, and the last box will be empty. The test will require your child to search through the provided answers and choose the answer that contains a shape with a matching pattern.

Serial Reasoning

The serial reasoning portion will be made up of shapes within boxes that are situated up and down rows and columns. Each of these shapes will make up a certain pattern. Once again, one box will be empty and your child will need to figure out the pattern between the shapes. Then, they will find and choose an answer that has the missing shape.

Spatial Visualization

This new section of the test may seem similar to the serial reasoning portion. Spatial visualization questions will include boxes filled with shapes that are spread across columns and rows. The shapes will be related in some form or another. At the end of the matrix there will be an empty box. The student will need to recognize how the shapes are related and choose the answer that has a shape that would fit into the pattern.


How to Read NNAT 2nd Grade Score Reports

Your 2nd grader’s exam will be scored and compared with other 2nd graders. The score report will be mailed to you within 2 months of the conclusion of the exam. Here’s what you will see on the score report:

  • Raw Score: This is the most basic score. The raw score will show you many questions were answered right out of 48 questions. Thus, if your 2nd grader received a score of 10/48, that means they only answered 10 questions correctly.
  • Naglieri Ability Index (NAI): Now that the raw score has been determined, the test proctors will normalize it and convert it into their NAI score. There are 160 points possible, but many students receive an average score of 100. Keep in mind that the score is normalized, which means that 68% of 2nd graders will receive an average score within 84-116.
  • Percentile Rank: This is the number that will determine your child’s eligibility to enroll into a gifted and talented program. The percentile rank is simply a comparison of your child’s score to those of children nationwide. If your 2nd grader scored a 90%, their test scores were equal or superior to 90% of other 2nd graders in a 3-month age bracket.


NNAT 2nd Grade Test Tips

  1. Don’t procrastinate studying. If you wait until the last second to start practicing, you run the risk of overwhelming your child. Take some time every day to focus on studying, that way the learning process is gradual rather than rapid.
  2. Use everyday items for practice. You might be surprised how many items contain patterns. Take a look at your rug or a painting hanging in your house. If there is a pattern, point to the object and ask your child if they are able to recognize the pattern.


How to Prepare for the NNAT 2nd Grade Test

Because the NNAT 2nd Grade Test comes with the added stress of an additional section, it’s imperative that you and your child study together. Carve out some time during the week to sit down and benefit from online practice exams. Make sure you use study material that also include explanations. It’s important to be able to understand in-depth what the questions are asking you and why you need to answer them in certain ways. This will enable your student to achieve extremely high scores on the NNAT 2nd Grade Test.

NNAT 2nd Grade Test Sample Questions

Pattern Completion Example Question:

Examine the pattern in the circle while keeping an eye out for the missing square. Which of the following answer options completes the design?

G&T 2nd Grade Test Sample Question 1


Explanation: Imagine continuing the diagonal dashed line until it touched the border of the circle. The only answer choice that conforms to these requirements is answer choice B. It is helpful to use distinguishing lines to see that they stay consistent throughout the entire picture and missing section. We will focus on the straight lines in this question. You can also use process of elimination to remove answer choices that are incorrect. We anticipate that the way they line up in the response choices will be comparable to how they line up in the design. In that manner, we can remove the response options that are not appropriate.


Analogy Example Question:

Which of the following answer options can fill the empty box?

G&T 2nd Grade Test Sample Question 2


Explanation: Look at the boxes and try to find a link between the geometric figures pictured within the boxes on the right and left side. In the top row there is a green-colored box with a red arrow and next to it a red-colored box with a green arrow. The arrows are depicted exactly the same, except for the different coloring. Therefore, we now can detect an analogy that the colors of the boxes are the opposite of the colors of the arrow. This analogy is also present in the second and third rows. Try to pick a box from the answer choices that will continue this analogy. The only answer choice that conforms to these requirements is answer choice D. You can try to use the elimination method to spot the correct answer as well.


Spatial Visualization Example:

Discover the solution that illustrates how the two images in the bottom row would look when combined?

G&T 2nd Grade Test Sample Question 4

Explanation: Take a look at the images above. The third image in the row is created by combining the first two. Take a look at the images on the bottom row. If you combine them in the same way as the images on top were merged, it will appear like one of the answer options. The only answer choice that conforms to these requirements is answer choice A. You can try to use the elimination method to spot the right answer.


Reasoning Example Question:

Solve the following matrix:

G&T 2nd Grade Test Sample Question 3


Explanation: Each color appears only once in each row and column. The colors always shift one box to the right as you go down rows. This means the question mark would need to be blue, answer choice A. You may look at the shapes and think the question mark needs to be a star as that has not occurred yet in column 3 or row 2. However, notice that in column 1 and row 3 there are shapes that repeat, so not repeating shapes is not a rule, and therefore we can have an oval in the missing square.